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We are a talented group of professionals dedicated to excellence in artwork-

Graphic design printing


Since it was founded almost two decades ago, SND has acquired an impressive track record in print and communications design covering a diversity of businesses from consumer to financial services.


SND has successfully designed, written, produced and coordinated dozens of brochures, meetings and events around Egypt using a small, experienced,


There is simply no other production company that can offer the same combination of creativity, multi-cultural experience, international production knowledge and, most important of all, quality.

Our client list confirms our capabilities. At a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to seize the attention of larger and more culturally diverse audiences, some of the most successful companies in Egypt have come to appreciate how effectively SND can help them market, motivate and sell.


We create an atmosphere in which partnerships with our clients can flourish. We attach importance to discretion - clients don't appreciate agencies that leak their secrets. We do not take credit for our clients' successes. To get between a client and the footlights is bad manners.


We develop cost effective promotional vehicles that work. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce on time and on budget without surprises or headaches. In the new global economy, distances are inconsequential. With hourly flights, overnight couriers, electronic communication and pennies-per-minute long-distance calls, companies now, more than ever, can take advantage of lower cost production and obtain the same efficiency they expect from the shop across the street.



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